The Farmer’s Survival Guide for Women (FGSwomen) is an offshoot of The Farmer’s Survival Guide: How to Connect With 21st Century Consumers (FSG).

While calling it a survival guide is a bit tongue-in-cheek, this compilation of insights, resources, and tools is meant to help women navigate an industry that still has a significant Dream Gap and a way to go until women farm business owners have become the norm.

In FSGwomen you’ll find out that being “bossy” is not as terrible as many people would have you believe, and you’ll learn how to channel all your frustration and energy for good.

You’ll learn about the barriers girls and women in agriculture must overcome (some of them created by ourselves) and what Canada’s agriculture industry could look like if we drew on the strengths and skills of everyone.

And you’ll learn how to leverage the three Cs – Contribution, Credibility, and Confidence – to claim your space and offer guidance for others.

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I encourage you to send me your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions for topics to cover (or research resources to review) at april@albapr.ca.