The Twitter version of what we do: We combine new and old communications methods with science to help agricultural brands intrigue, resonate and nurture consumer relationships.

The unabridged version: We help farmers to be better communicators. Since farming  can involve a lot of scientific themes and data – and since science and numbers aren’t typically very sexy – we help farmers address the ‘science communication problem’ in an agricultural context by providing insight into consumer psychology, neuroscience, marketing communications and PR.

Using social agrInnovation™ tools, we help you decipher, translate, and apply communications and marketing principles that have been used successfully for years in other industries – not only giving you a voice, but providing you a way to catalyze constructive conversations.


About the author:

In addition to running an agricultural communications agency, blogging and freelancing, April is a self-described word nerd and sixth generation Quebec dairy farmer who thinks going barefoot is highly underrated. A two-time graduate of McGill University in Farm Management & Technology and Public Relations, she is President and Communications Chair of Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture, past coordinator for Agriculture in the Classroom Quebec, and Social Media Marketing & Communications Agent for CEDEC Small Business Support. Among the many projects April has had the pleasure of helping develop, Farmers Matter, an 800+ attendee town hall in Perth, ON in 2010, and the People’s Food Policy, a grassroots initiative that mobilized approximately 3,500 people across Canada to develop a food sovereignty policy for Canada (presented on Parliament Hill in 2011), were two of the most exciting. She also enjoys her part-time role as a seed sales rep since it allows her to mine the minds of the people who make the world go round: Canada’s farmers.

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