The Twitter version of what we do: We combine new and old communications methods with science to help agricultural brands intrigue, resonate and nurture consumer relationships.

The unabridged version: We equip farmers to be better communicators by teaching them how to speak brain to brain with consumers. Since farming can involve a lot of science, we help farmers address the ‘science communication problem’ in an agricultural context by providing insight into consumer psychology, neuroscience, sales and marketing communications, and social and behavioral sciences. This insight helps us understand how people receive, process, store, and retrieve information and provides you the knowledge and tools to create messages that effectively intrigue, resonate, and nurture the farm to consumer conversation.


About the author:

In addition to running an agricultural communications agency, blogging and freelancing, April Stewart is a self-described word nerd and sixth generation Quebec dairy farmer who thinks going barefoot is highly underrated. A two-time graduate of McGill University in Farm Management & Technology and Public Relations, she is President and Communications Chair of Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture, past coordinator for Agriculture in the Classroom Quebec, and Social Media Marketing & Communications Agent for CEDEC Small Business Support. Among the many projects April has had the pleasure of helping develop, Farmers Matter, an 800+ attendee town hall in Perth, ON in 2010, and the People’s Food Policy, a grassroots initiative that mobilized approximately 3,500 people across Canada to develop a food sovereignty policy for Canada (presented on Parliament Hill in 2011), were two of the most exciting. She also enjoys her part-time role as a seed sales rep since it allows her to mine the minds of the people who make the world go round: Canada’s farmers.

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