Nobody Cares

Nobody cares, you say.

And you know what? ‘Nobody cares’ is often true.

But it’s not as simple as that.

It’s not that no one cares about farming, Canadian agriculture, or food. It’s just that many don’t understand the issues around it, they don’t understand what they don’t understand, they don’t know what to understand, and they don’t know that they should understand.

Do you understand the ins and outs, the challenges, market forces or industry trends of every other industry out there? Not very likely. We are all busy in our day-to-day work, concerns, and worrying about how and if our own business will succeed.

Consumers are not ignorant on purpose and there are ways you can help them learn.

And that’s what the Farmer’s Survival Guide is all about: helping you figure out how you can intrigue, resonate and nurture your consumer audience.

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