How to use your ‘why’ to change Canadian agriculture

Simon Sinek’s TED video “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” has been watched over thirty-two million times. The premise of his talk: why are some leaders able to inspire greater loyalty and engagement among customers? He’s convinced it’s the ‘why’; that is, their purpose, cause or belief.

Sinek says, “Leaders and organizations with the capacity to inspire all think, act and communicate from the inside-out. They start with their ‘Why’. When they communicate their purpose or cause first, they communicate in a way that drives decision-making and behavior. It literally taps the part of the brain that influences behaviour.”

Canadian farmers, growers, producers, and ag leaders can influence behaviour and inspire changes in how consumers perceive the industry by first understanding their personal ‘Whys’ and then sharing a concise, easily digestible ‘story’ version.

“People don’t buy What you do, they buy Why you do it,” says Sinek.


Survival Tip

What makes a good ‘why’? According to Sinek a ‘Why’ is:

  • Simple and clear
  • Free of ‘Whats’
  • In service to others
  • Expressed in affirmative language
  • Feels right/inspires me

Use your why to develop your story, engage your consumer audience, and build dialogue that will change how Canadian agriculture is perceived – for the better.

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