Are you reacting or responding?

How well people retain the messages and information you’re sharing with them all depends on how you present it. Stop for a moment and think about your favourite teacher: what was it about the way they engaged with your questions that made you focus intently on their reply and helped you retain that information? Most likely it came down to whether that teacher reacted or … Continue reading Are you reacting or responding?

Fear of the unknown

“Learn about your fear and your fear goes away”- The Brain, Arthur cartoon   In a matter of just a few years, the smorgasbord of online information that feeds our ravenous fingertips has left an after-party mess. The optimism we initially felt at free, open access to SO MUCH research, resources, and, yes, even rhetoric, now feels like a tangled mess. With so much available … Continue reading Fear of the unknown

Choosing the right tool for the job

In addition to vet, accountant, soil scientist, mechanic, HR manager and… we’ll stop there because it would take the whole blog to just list what hats farmers wear(!), a farmer’s job description now includes “communications officer”. In an age where most of us live connected to the online world, farmers have taken up their phones to participate in conversations around food and farming in an … Continue reading Choosing the right tool for the job