Can We Create “Teachable Moments”?

You can probably remember at least one “a-ha” moment in your life. A moment when something suddenly just clicked. That feeling of impact when you realized the importance of a concept and how it related directly to you or filled an important gap in your knowledge. In educational circles, this is called a teachable moment. Teachable moments are unplanned opportunities that arise in the classroom … Continue reading Can We Create “Teachable Moments”?

The Big Impact of Small Moments

We’re constantly bombarded by information. It’s hard to look away. After all, we want to stay informed. We’re afraid of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). And we’re excited about the incredible quantity and diversity of knowledge at our fingertips; we want to take advantage of those multiple perspectives to expand our own. But we miss out on a lot by trying to focus on everything … Continue reading The Big Impact of Small Moments

Are you reacting or responding?

How well people retain the messages and information you’re sharing with them all depends on how you present it. Stop for a moment and think about your favourite teacher: what was it about the way they engaged with your questions that made you focus intently on their reply and helped you retain that information? Most likely it came down to whether that teacher reacted or … Continue reading Are you reacting or responding?