That one simple word (no pun intended – okay, who am I kidding: as a certified word nerd I totally intended that pun) can conjure up several images: a dictionary, an affirmative response (statement: “That new DOT autonomous seeder is incredible!” Reply: “Word!”), memories of high school essays, Scrabble games, the emotional parting words from a loved one. And like those multiple perceptions, people can … Continue reading Word

3 Tips for [Re]positioning Consumer Reality

In past posts we’ve talked about how worldviews influence the way people think about important issues and what we can do to change people’s opinions. What we’re really trying to accomplish in those situations is reposition someone’s reality; trying to make them see an important topic from a different point of view so we can find some common ground upon which to build better conversations. … Continue reading 3 Tips for [Re]positioning Consumer Reality

How to Read Minds Through Body Language

As I got lost down the rabbit hole of “I’m only going to watch this one Ted Talk” a few months ago (which, naturally, turns into an hour and several videos later), I stumbled upon an excellent presentation by Lynne Franklin, Principal of Lynne Franklin Wordsmith: ‘Reading Minds Through Body Language’. As usual when I’m reading or watching something, I’m always considering how key elements … Continue reading How to Read Minds Through Body Language