Fear of the unknown

“Learn about your fear and your fear goes away”- The Brain, Arthur cartoon   In a matter of just a few years, the smorgasbord of online information that feeds our ravenous fingertips has left an after-party mess. The optimism we initially felt at free, open access to SO MUCH research, resources, and, yes, even rhetoric, now feels like a tangled mess. With so much available … Continue reading Fear of the unknown

5 Ways to Grow Great Conversations

“In a dialogue nobody is trying to win. Everybody wins if anybody wins.” – author Maria Popova   To have true dialogue, that is “an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement,”[1] we need, as Maria Popova defines it, cooperative dialogue: “a commitment to mutual contemplation of viewpoints and considered response”.[2] For great … Continue reading 5 Ways to Grow Great Conversations

The Knowledge Gap Theory and Why It Matters to You

As discussed in a previous blog, heuristics, or mental shortcuts, help us make sense of the world. These shortcuts help our brains muddle through information-processing problems like: Information overload Constructing meaning from mountains of information Making quick decisions How to know what needs to be remembered. The problem with many of these mental shortcuts is that they tend to leave “cognitive holes”, or gaps in … Continue reading The Knowledge Gap Theory and Why It Matters to You