Balancing Bam! with Boring

It can be difficult to hold people’s attention at the best of times in a world full of distractions. Start talking about something they know little or nothing about peppered with facts, data, and statistics or about something that has no obvious correlation and relevance to their lives and they’ll carry your well-intentioned messages with them like a lead balloon. Enter the Ladder of Abstraction. … Continue reading Balancing Bam! with Boring

Making it stick

Making it stick Ensuring that your audience receives, understands, and carries your message with them is not only critical to spreading your information, but key to catalyzing conversations and building relationships. Conversations around agriculture bring a lot of science-based information and detailed concepts with them. To make huge ideas compact, you’ve got to pack a lot of meaning into a little bit of messaging, especially … Continue reading Making it stick

Do your words have teeth?

Do your words sink in and never let go? Do they resonate with your audience? There are three important factors that determine whether people listen to what you have to say: Do you sound credible? Do you have executive presence? Are you using the right words? A common problem when people deliver an important message to their target audience (an audience whose attention span you … Continue reading Do your words have teeth?

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares, you say. And you know what? ‘Nobody cares’ is often true. But it’s not as simple as that. It’s not that no one cares about farming, Canadian agriculture, or food. It’s just that many don’t understand the issues around it, they don’t understand what they don’t understand, they don’t know what to understand, and they don’t know that they should understand. Do you … Continue reading Nobody Cares

Why knowledge doesn’t change behaviour

Jerry Sternin, a pioneer in positive deviance (we’ll explore this in more detail in a future blog post), famously said, “Knowledge doesn’t change behaviour.” I think it’s fair to say that in the agricultural world we know this to be all too true. It doesn’t matter how many times we repeat science-tested, black and white facts to consumers, at best it falls on deaf ears … Continue reading Why knowledge doesn’t change behaviour

Stop promoting, start resonating

There’s a big difference between encouraging the sale or acceptance of a product, service or idea and really getting into someone’s heart and ultimately their head – which is precisely where you want to be. To do so means you should aim to matter more and market less. You need to stop promoting and start resonating.[1] Promotion versus Resonance There are three basic objectives of … Continue reading Stop promoting, start resonating